Ealing parking wardens strike against Serco over absence policy

by Helen Pattison, West London Socialist Party

Once again, Ealing parking attendants are out on strike. This time for six days over two weeks. They are fighting outsourcing private company Serco, which has been targeting the union’s activists, and is refusing, even during the pandemic, to negotiate a decent absence management policy.

Ealing parking wardens strike May 2021
Photo Helen Pattison

Socialist Party members have been down to support the strikers who were angry with Serco, but also the Labour-run council which has refused to come out in support of the workers.

There were three council by-elections taking place on one of the strike days, with Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidates standing in each election, supporting the strike.

We need a council that will stand in solidarity with their workers against bullying companies such as Serco, and bring staff back in-house.