Croydon protests 15% council tax rise

25th May 2023 editor 0

On Wednesday 17 May, around 40 local trade unionists, socialists and Croydon residents held a protest against the 15% council tax hike and council cuts outside Croydon Town Hall, where the council’s annual meeting was being held.

96%! RMT tube workers vote to continue fighting

25th May 2023 editor 0

RMT members on London Underground have voted again to renew our strike mandate in defence of jobs, pensions and agreements. 96% voted to strike on a turnout of 56%. Over 50% of all eligible voters were in favour of strike action.

Action needed to fight Croydon 15% council tax rise

18th May 2023 editor 0

In March, Croydon Council passed a shocking 15% council tax hike in a budget proposed by their Tory Mayor that included a further £27 million of cuts to services. If Labour councillors had voted against the budget and organised against the threatened government commissioners, they could have stopped it.