Protest on October 9th

Jobs and Homes for All!

12th AugustSocialist council candidate in Weavers Ward, Tower Hamlets

The Struggle for World Socialism

Yes, at long last!

Those four words will be on the lips of Socialist Party members, supporters and our international collaborators in the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), as they welcome the news that Peter Taaffe’s third volume of the history of Militant/Socialist Party is ready for publication.

Peter Taaffe was a past editor of Militant, until recently longstanding general secretary of the Socialist Party and is presently the party’s political secretary.

Read Alec Thraves’ review of this new book!

See the Book Launch on YouTube.

Order from Left Books.

More Tory attacks on the National Health Service!

NHS Workers: Unite to fight Tory Pay insults! — See more…

Another kick in the teeth for our NHS staff: The Tories have announced the Health and Social Care Bill. Protest on 6th July at 2pm — See more…

UK Government in crisis — is Labour an alternative?

The CWI broadcast from Sunday 27th June 2021 has been saved on YouTube. The Socialist Party is the England & Wales Section of the CWI. Join Hannah Sell and Rob Williams from the Socialist Party (England and Wales) discussing the crisis in Britain and the socialist answer.

Also: Socialism 2021 19-21 November. Details will be updated on its website as they become known. Go to