TUSC Against Cuts Public Launch

Vote TUSC in the London Elections!
6.30pm on Friday 9 April

London’s working class has taken a battering from austerity and Covid. But Khan’s Labour is only promising massive cuts, charges and gentrification. It’s time to fight back.

Support TUSC in the London Elections!

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition – TUSC – is an electoral alliance of working-class campaigners. TUSC candidates stand on a platform of voting against all austerity and privatisation, and instead supporting workers’ struggles.

TUSC includes the militant RMT transport union, the Socialist Party, former Labour MP Chris Williamson’s Resist, and more. We say there is an alternative: stop passing on Tory attacks to working-class Londoners, and instead fight for the resources our city needs.

Join us at 6.30pm on Friday 9 April via Zoom to hear more and have your say.

*Promoted by London Socialist Party. POBox 1398, Enfield, EN1 9GT