Central London lobby for Gaza

Thousands swamp Westminster to protest for ceasefire vote

22nd November 2023 editor 0

On 15th November, 15,000 people gathered outside Parliament to demand MPs vote for a ceasefire in Gaza. Chants included “Keir Starmer is a wasteman”, “Rishi Sunak, you will see: Palestine will be free”, “Occupation no more” and “Ceasefire now”.

SP at Palestine Demo

London anti-war demo of historic proportions

15th November 2023 editor 0

Once again, the streets of London were filled with protesters against the war on Gaza on 11 November. Socialist placards and papers were snapped up and demonstrators thanked us for our continued support for the growing movement.

Newham Labour rocked by Gaza criticism

8th November 2023 editor 0

The Labour mayor and council in Newham, East London, have come under fierce criticism. For weeks, Labour locally did not speak out against the Israeli state’s attacks on Gaza, nor distance themselves from Starmer’s support for Netanyahu.