Labour council sacks GMB rep

Hundreds have signed a petition in defence council caretaker and GMB rep Gary Bolister who was dismissed after 24 years’ service. Gary took part in a Facebook live video as part of a protest against Islington road closures in November last year.

Rally in support of Gary Bolister
Photo: Rob Williams

During the clip Gary appeared in but did not film, an Islington councillor was inadvertently filmed in her home. The video was immediately stopped when the camera operator realised. Gary, who was mourning the loss of his father at the time, expressed full remorse — offering to write an apology to the councillor. Despite this — and despite 24 years of unblemished service — Islington Council sacked Gary and refused his appeal.

Workers protested outside the council offices in support of Gary on 8 July and were furious at the Labour-run council. They told Socialist Party members that they were angry union money is being paid to the Labour Party when it does this to GMB members and reps.

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