London Socialist Party women’s meeting

  • Discussing ideas to fight women’s oppression

by Helen Pattison, London Socialist Party secretary

Violence against women has been brought to the fore by recent events. There have been angry vigils and protests against sexual assault and attacks. This was the backdrop for our meeting of women members of London Socialist Party.

The Covid pandemic brought to the surface all of the divisions of capitalism, including sexism. Mainly women were further trapped in violent relationships, simultaneously trying to work from home and homeschool their children.


The experience of the pandemic has helped working people, including women, want to get more involved in socialist politics.

The meeting started by discussing a Marxist approach to women’s oppression and Friedrich Engels’ book ‘Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State’. It was really useful to put women’s oppression in its historical context, before talking about the movements currently taking place and our own campaigning work.

Another attack could see the movement against violence and sexism burst onto the streets again, and the Socialist Party is ready to support such protests. We also discussed the local elections in May, where councils will once again be passing on Tory austerity.

Cuts to refuges, council housing, and local services often have the biggest impact on women, who rely on them the most. It was a good meeting, and women members of the Socialist Party in London left brimming with confidence for the battles ahead.

  • See ‘Engels on the origins of women’s oppression — and its relevance to today’s struggles’ at to learn more about Engels’ book, or read ‘It Doesn’t Have to be Like This’ — available from