Protest against Tory Health and Care Bill!

Tuesday 6 July, 2pm, Parliament Square.

The Tories have delivered a second slap in the face to NHS workers, with their Health and Care Bill. Join the protest at 2pm on 6th July outside parliament to stop this bill!

On Saturday at towns and cities all over the country NHS workers were joined by their local communities at protests to defend the NHS from privatisation and for a decent pay rise, rejecting the 1% insult the Tories have proposed.

And the very next day the Tories delivered another slap in the face with their declaration that they will proceed with their new Health and Care Bill.
If it is like the White Paper it will mean:

  • An extension of privatisation in the NHS
  • A reduction in democratic checks
  • Further steps towards the break-up of a national service

This is the reward for 16 months of NHS staff working themselves to exhaustion to save lives. More juicy contracts bunged to the Tories’ big business mates with even less scrutiny and transparency than before.

At the protest in London on Saturday, NHS worker and newly elected member of Unison’s NEC Naomi Byron (in a personal capacity) said:

“Our response needs to be as determined as they are. Unison should call a demonstration outside parliament when the Health and Care Bill is discussed, and call a national demonstration in the autumn to demand withdrawal of the Health and Care Bill and back up the campaign on pay.”

Naomi Byron UNISON NEC (in a personal capacity)

Tomorrow Tuesday 6th July at 2pm Socialist Party members and NHS workers will protest outside Parliament when the Bill is announced as a warning to the Tories and to back up that call for trade unions to call a major protest when the Bill is debated.