Ukraine: Campaigning against war in north London and Herts

by Ian Pattison, Enfield and Lea Valley Socialist Party

Workers’ unity to end the war in Ukraine. The Socialist Party was campaigning with this message at Conel College in Enfield on 10 March and in Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire on 12 March.

The Socialist Party has been campaigning a lot in Waltham Cross in the last couple of years – mainly on issues like NHS pay and the cost-of-living crisis. Now people are thanking us for campaigning on this issue.

Ukraine protest
Socialist Party marching in London, calling for
workers’ unity to end the war in Ukraine.
Photo: London Socialist Party

Some who signed our petition only did so because we also said: “No trust in Nato”. They remember the brutal US/UK invasion of Iraq, and they don’t trust rich people like Boris Johnson to protect working-class people in Britain or Ukraine.

People liked it when we said we should take the wealth off the oligarchs in Russia and everywhere — the rich who will benefit from this brutal war.

One person said: “Russian people need to get Putin out. 100 years ago they got rid of the Romanovs, why can’t they do it now?!”

Our Socialist paper features working-class people from Britain, Ukraine and Russia — all united opposing the war. So, inevitably, a lot of people wanted to buy a copy — 34 across the two days.

Sometimes college students can be a bit shy and hesitant when we’re campaigning. Not on this issue. Even though it was quiet, our college stall was inundated.