Thousands march on Britain’s biggest ever trans rights protest

by Julija Rusevica, South West London Socialist Party

10,000 people marched at London’s Trans Pride protest on 9 July. There’s anger that the situation for trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people is not improving. We face constant attacks from the Tory government and capitalist media.

SP on Trans Rights protest
Trans rights protest in London 9 July.
Photo: London SP

Britain’s first Trans Pride was organised in 2019. Unfortunately, London Pride is now full of giant corporations milking rainbow capitalism in a pathetic attempt to show that they care about LGBTQ+ people.

During Pride Month, London was covered in rainbow colours. But the moment June is over, reality speaks for itself. It’s extremely difficult to get gender-affirming surgery. Conversion therapy is still not banned for trans people. There are constant attacks on trans women in professional sport, and problems accessing public toilets. Transgender people suffer violence, abuse and harassment.

People can see that the current government is unwilling to support trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people. Both Tory and Labour parties have failed them time and time again. This is why people are looking for a political alternative. We need a movement which will actually represent trans people’s interests and stand up for their safety – a movement that will put our rights above the capitalist profit system.