11 March — Join ‘save our NHS’ national demo in London

by Mick Suter, Sheffield Save Our NHS, chair

Demo against NHS cuts
Demonstration against NHS cuts at Whipps Cross hospital,
East London 21 September 2013.
Photo: Paul Mattsson

The enthusiastic mood to support all NHS workers was graphically shown during the last strike. 100 RCN pickets at Hallamshire hospital were joined at lunchtime by workers pouring out of the hospital to support the strike.

Striking Shelter workers, Royal Mail staff, and teachers spoke, alongside lots of different NHS workers. Striking nurses told us they had been inspired.

And, on 28 January, the ‘Save Our NHS’ stall was surrounded by local people demanding a living wage for NHS staff, and proper funding for the NHS.

I used the microphone to explain the need for £20 billion of NHS emergency funding. And the need to end privatisation, and bring services, including social care, back into public ownership.

The ‘SOS NHS’ campaign has called a national demonstration in London on Saturday 11 March. With the powerful NHS strikes, a massive show of support would have an enormous impact on this weak Tory government, and build the confidence of all workers.

Assemble midday, Tottenham Court Road, London, and march to Westminster