Protesting against Israel state terror

London — stopping isn’t an option

by Richard Tilley

At the end of the work week, I hear a voice inside saying: “Maybe I’ll rest this Saturday”. But that’s not an option.

I have to do something, until Palestinians are free from the terror being unleashed upon them. So I came to the protest at Marble Arch, handing out Socialist Party placards.

Socialist Party placards on Gaza demo
Socialist Party placards on demonstration
against war on Gaza. Photo: Hugo Pierre

People of all demographics flooded past towards Hyde Park, noticeably more than the last march. So many were keen to take the ‘End Israeli state terror’ placards I held – people donated £130 to the Socialist Party for the ones I was carrying.

Many had signs of their own, all fighting for the cause. “I want to hear you singing later”, I would say. Usually replied with a smile: “Oh, don’t you worry, I will”. They seemed more ready than ever to shout in support of Palestinians.

The people passing me are in stark contrast to mainstream media that evening; “Ten people arrested”; “total chaos”. I’m sure those who regularly police these marches are aware how false these accusations are.

A family from Palestine approached me, and we eagerly discussed what would end the Israeli state terror. They drew the conclusion that funding from the USA and other allies must stop.

“What happens then?”, I ask. Everyone I say this to agrees that we live in a class system.

We need to go to the root of the problem. We must organise a political alternative to capitalism, backed by workers’ action. Who funds terror? Not us, never!

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