My first months in the Socialist Party have been brilliant

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by Roza Kwiecinska, Newham and East London Socialist Party

Having certain views and opinions doesn’t always lead to action. It seems to me that we often believe that there’s no time for active participation in politics, or that getting involved is difficult and tiresome. The truth is, it couldn’t be easier.

Roza campaigning with the Socialist Party in Stratford
Roza campaigning with the Socialist Party in Stratford.
Photo: James Ivens

When I moved to London, I knew that in some way I wanted to expand my knowledge about socialism – how should it work and is it even possible. I didn’t expect that a few months later, I would be so much into that.

Young socialists

During my first month here, I was looking for some kind of a socialist group – to meet people with similar beliefs, have discussions, and learn about British politics. First thing that showed up after searching for ‘young socialists London” in Google was the Socialist Party. And I was lucky that it was that.

Going on the first small pro-Palestine demo, and talking with some Socialist Party members made me interested in how the party works. Then I’ve started attending more protests and demonstrations, mostly regarding the horrible war, but also other social problems.

It was easy to get involved in current affairs, but also to get some knowledge at local branch meetings, where every week there’s a discussion not only about British politics, but also history and world matters.

Doing a lot of campaign stalls at different campuses in London was an easy way to talk to other people, mainly students, and see what they are thinking. It so important to have discussions with others, because through them it is possible to let people know what we stand for.

A psychological study by William Richard Miller finds that when we want to combat another person’s ignorance of proven scientific facts, it’s crucial to focus on the relationship with the people we’re trying to persuade. Put simply, it’s not just about altering people’s thoughts – we should also focus on touching their emotions and values.

Hear from you

It’s the same with politics. It’s most likely to change when influenced by someone who understands and truly listen to us, or someone close to us.

In my case it was similar. When, as a teenager, I started to be interested in politics, long discussions with my brother slowly introduced me to leftist ideas and a socialist view of the world.

That’s why it’s crucial to have these conversations with your family and friends. If they hear about politics from your point of view, they can relate and understand it more.

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