Tens of thousands march in London against slaughter

by Callum Rhys Griffiths, Waltham Forest Socialist Party

We took to the streets on 18 May. Although this was the 14th national march for this cause through the heart of the capital, support and passion are not waning. The mood was defiant and determined.

Socialist Party placards at London Gaza Demo
Socialist Party placards at the London Gaza demo.
Photo: London SP

This is of course a reaction to the continued mass slaughter in Gaza, and the recent Israeli state offensive into Rafah. The response by our government, the US, and opposition parties has been challenged on the streets.

The Socialist Party was there. We spoke to protesters, and people bought our placards, and the Socialist paper.

The march did meet with a counter-protest, and far-right racists. But our march dwarfed theirs.

Chants of “free free Palestine” and “end the occupation now” could be heard throughout. Some brought drums and speakers to loudly declare their support for the cause, and ensure they are heard.

Some chants, however, spoke to the deep-rooted frustration in the political leaders we have in the UK. Chants derided not just Rishi Sunak, but Keir Starmer too. He and his Labour Party have enabled this ongoing slaughter, claiming that Israel has “that right”. As the chants say, they will “never be forgiven”.

We need a real alternative, a socialist alternative, not a choice between two capitalist parties. Only a socialist alternative could bring an end to ongoing wars and turmoil caused by capitalism and greed.