Financial Appeal

Donate to our fund to help the fight for socialist policies in the London elections.

These elections cost money. It is £20,000 to stand for Mayor and appear in the booklet. It is £5000 to stand a list. It is £1000 to stand as a constituency candidate.

Socialists into City Hall!

Please donate to the Socialist Party’s fund to enable a socialist programme to be fought in the London elections. However much we raise, we will use the money to assist the fight for a socialist manifesto in these elections.

We are calling on ordinary trade unionists who are struggling right now, we are calling on people inspired by Corbyn’s socialist ideas and we are calling all those suffering from  privatisation and fighting back, to stand for us and with us in the London elections  in May.

As we have stated, we are aiming to collect £20k for the Mayoral position. However, because we are a working class party if we don’t get the 20K we will be standing  a collective of socialists who we will be campaigning to be elected in The GLA elections in May. Help us build this election challenge. You can do this financially or you can get in touch and start publicising the campaign to get Socialists into City Hall.

Socialists into City Hall!
Our Manifesto