Tamil Solidarity protest against repressive Sri Lankan regime

by Lawanya Ramajeyam, Tamil Solidarity

On Sri Lankan independence day, 4 February, Tamil Solidarity organised a protest at the Sri Lankan high commission in London to oppose the repressive Sri Lankan regime. The working class, Tamil speakers and Sinhala people, suffer from poverty.

People have nothing to lose. They are ready to fight in any situation.

Tamil Solidarity

Everywhere protests are taking place in Sri Lanka — farmers, electricity workers, plantation workers and students. Almost all sectors of workers are on the road to fight against the corrupt government.

More than 600 people attended the protests. Other Tamil organisations also organised the protest at different times. Most of the people who joined the protest were young.

The protest was organised with the slogan “Independence of Sri Lanka, not for us”. Protesters also chanted: “13A, not a solution”.

The 13th amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution created provinces — including a northern and an eastern province, where the majority of Tamils live. But Tamil Solidarity stands for the full right to self-determination, including separation.

Socialist Party speakers also put forward demands to win our rights, including linking our struggle with the working class and trade unions.

Tamil Solidarity says:

  • Reject a unitary Sri Lankan state
  • ’13A: not a solution’ – we stand for the right to self-determination, including separation
  • Scrap draconian Prevention of Terrorist Act
  • Defend the right to protest – immediately end the persecution of activists
  • End the land grab – free all land immediately
  • Stop paying debt. Invest in services
  • No to privatisation of health and education
  • Pay increase for all, including hill country workers