Ealing, West London: ‘Save NHS by getting Tories out’

by Abi Harrington, West London Socialist Party

When people came up to the Socialist Party campaign stall in Ealing, west London, on 23 September, I said: “The reason we ask for £1, is to help with the running of the newspaper. Unlike the dominant press, we don’t have any right-wing funders”.

Selling The Socialist in Ealing.
Selling the Socialist in Ealing May 2022

This led to 51 individuals buying a copy of the Socialist, and another £20 raised for the Socialist Party fighting fund.

We also used the following slogans while campaigning: “Can’t afford the Tories”, “Defend the NHS”, “No time for the Tories”, “No trust in Starmer, try the socialist alternative”. I opted for the slogan: “Save our NHS by getting the Tories out”. Often, if people did not stop when they passed the first one of us, they did by the third!

I think another factor in our success was that the three Socialist Party members on the campaign stall were of different ages and genders. This helps to relate to a wider audience, and reflects the variety of people within the Socialist Party, who are involved in the struggle for socialism.