Support Haringey Unite members fighting a Labour council

by Socialist Party members in Haringey

Members of the Unite Housing Workers branch and of the Socialist Party stood in solidarity with Unite members working for Haringey Labour council when they lobbied the cabinet on 4 December.

The council leadership is refusing to open pay talks. This is despite the fact that, while the national bargaining agreement for local government sets out minimum standards, authorities can agree better locally. Such agreements have already been made following action and ballots in other London boroughs.

Unite reports that the council is also refusing to increase the London weighting allowance for 2022 and 2023, and to increase annual leave for housing repair workers in line with other council staff.

The workers began striking in November, and have planned more strikes from 18-24 December.

In pledging its solidarity, the Unite Housing Workers branch says: “Haringey are content to continue using contractors and agency workers to cover striking Unite members. It is particularly shameful that a Labour council is reported to be using agency staff in an attempt to break a strike.”

A group of councillors in Haringey has broken away from Labour and formed an Independent Socialist Group. They have the support of an ex-Unite assistant chief of staff. This issue further confirms how Starmer’s Labour has turned its back on working-class people. We call on the independents to condemn the actions of the council and support the striking Unite workers.