West London socialists discuss — ‘why do we say what we say?’

by Neal Jeffery, West London Socialist Party

I always look forward to our weekly Socialist Party branch meetings. This is a time to catch up with other members, discuss the past week, and the plan for the next. An introduction on a topic, with questions, discussion, and a reply, are a great way to learn.

TUSC campaigning in Action, West London.
TUSC campaigning in Acton, West London.
Photo: London SP

At our last meeting, West London Socialist Party member Mark Best, part of the editorial team on the Socialist paper, tried a different approach.

Everyone was given a different copy of the front page of the Socialist from the last year or so. We read the lead article, looked at the layout and headlines, the sub-headlines, and gave our personal appraisal of the particular front page.

Mark replied to our comments, letting us know how the Socialist’s editorial team decided the content and layout. Everyone in the meeting was fully involved in the debate.

This was a great way to discuss the Socialist paper, an invaluable tool for members, as well as how it presents to the public. I learnt a lot, and now understand more the work of presenting important issues in a way that will capture the reader’s attention.

I think this approach could be tried in other Socialist Party branches.

Most of all, attend your local branch meeting, as often as you can. It is crucial to your political development, as well as the best way to support the party moving forward.

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