Why I joined the Socialist Party

by Ciarán O’Donoghue, Newham and East London Socialist Party

I joined the Socialist Party in October, after the Israeli state’s brutal onslaught against the people of Gaza started. I have considered myself to be a socialist since I was a kid, due to other family members’ influence.

Roza campaigning with the Socialist Party in Stratford
Ciaran and Roza campaigning with the Socialist Party in Stratford.
Photo: James Ivens

I joined the Labour Party when Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader. Seeing a socialist elected as leader of the Labour Party, only for him to be smeared and his ideas attacked constantly by the media, and demonised by many right-wing neoliberal politicians within his own party, naturally left me disillusioned with Labour.

I studied Politics and International Relations at university, and started reading more Socialist thinkers. I already had a grasp of some Marxist concepts, but have begun expanding my knowledge since joining the party. Articles in the Socialist paper and Socialism Today magazine are incredibly useful tools for broadening understanding.

Since leaving university, I have become acutely aware of issues within the industry I work in. There is a lack of union representation.

Consequently, I have heard many stories from colleagues of workplace abuses that workers were unable to fight. To me this highlights why collective organising is vital to prevent such abuses, and demanding justice for workers.

The need for socialism is evident.

We are seeing growing economic and social inequality, as well as wars breaking out around the globe. Everywhere you look, capitalism is in crisis.

For my generation, the ability to get a house is becoming increasingly difficult. Across the country, waiting lists for council houses are colossal, as well as the costs of buying a house and rent.

We also have to deal with the looming threat of climate change, and its many disastrous effects. These are just a few of the far-reaching disastrous effects of capitalism.

With this Tory government on its way out, and with a right-wing Labour government set to replace it, workers need a voice. That is why I joined the Socialist Party.